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Couple: Bazz-B x Cang

Cang shuddered and woke up. He has just seen a terrible dream. Stern Ritter closed his eyes again and tried to forget what he saw.

"Oi, looks like you have finally woken up."-a familiar voice was heard.

Cang turned to the speaker and saw Bazz-B, who was staying near the window.

"What happened?"-Cang asked, trying to remember recent events.

"Huh? Did you forget already?"-Bazz-B surprised slightly.-"You fought that icy bastard but he managed to freeze you. I saw how you had used your Vollstandig after that. But looks like that Hollowfication trick made you too exhausted, so you lost consciousness right after you had escaped that damn ice."

"And what about that guy?"-Cang inquired.

"He? I quickly finished him off and then took you to nearby building, so you could have some rest after the battle."-Bazz-B replied.

"I see."-Cang said.

Bazz-B glanced at him closely then came up to the bed, on which his comrade was lying, and sat on its edge.

"You don't look very well."-Bazz-B said thoughtfully.-"Maybe I should call a healer."

"There is no need for that."-Cang said.-"I will recover soon."

"Fine then."-Bazz-B replied.

After that they fell silent. Cang glanced at Bazz-B, who was thinking over something again, and then took his hand. The punk didn't say anything but just gripped Cang's hand in response.

"Cold.."-Cang said.-"Could you take off your gloves?"


"I want to feel your warmth."-Cang clarified.

Bazz-B did as he was asked. Then he took Cang's hand again.

"Better?"-punk asked.

"Yes."-Cang replied.-"Your hand is rather hot."

"Hah!"-Bazz-B chuckled.-"I would be surprised if it wasn't so."

After that Bazz-B threw a sly glance at his comrade.

"Besides..If you wanted me to warm you so much then you could just ask me about it."-with these words Bazz-B quickly pulled Cang to himself by the hand.

"Hey!.."-Cang exclaimed a bit surprisedly.

In the next moment he found himself in Bazz-B's embrace.

"Well? How is that? Does our Chilly Willy feel better?"-Bazz-B asked a bit mockingly.

Cang didn't reply anything to that. But then he noticed that Bazz-B was looking at him with some interest in his eyes.

"What?"-Cang asked confusedly.

"Nothing. I just thought that your scar is damn attractive."-Bazz-B replied with a smile.


"Oh, now I am completely sure that you warmed up."-Bazz-B said, looking at Cang's flushed cheeks.

Quincy with a scar didn't reply anything again and just cuddled to his comrade's chest.

"Say, Cang. Is it just me or you are bothered by something?"-Bazz-B inquired.

"Well, actually I had a really bad dream."-Cang replied.

"How about to tell me about it?"-punk asked.

Cang nodded and then told Bazz-B what he saw in his dream.

"What a nonsense!"-punk said after Cang had finished his story.-"You perfectly know that our commander would never do such a thing. He is not such type of a guy. Besides you are one of his close friends as well as our Bambietta. So you shouldn't think that much about what you saw. Just forget it!"

"All right."-Cang replied.

After that Bazz-B put his chin on Cang's shoulder and started to leisurely stroke him on the back. Quincy with a scar smiled slightly, nuzzling his friend's chest.

"Bazz-B.."-he called after a while.

"Hm? What?"

"Thank you for helping me."-Cang said.

"Yeah."-Bazz-B replied, looking to the side, and then quickly changed the subject.-"I can feel other Stern Ritters' reiatsu coming this way. Looks like these are the ones, who were hurt in battle."

"They are probably searching for a place to rest as well."-Cang supposed.

"Maybe we should go and help them."-Bazz-B said, rising from the bed.-"Well, will you make me a company?"

"Sure."-Cang replied and then followed his friend.
:iconshiro-tenshi-sonoma: asked me for a Bazz-B x Cang fanfic. So here it is. :blush:
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Shiro-Tenshi-Sonoma Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013

OH MY GOSH!!! I haven’t had a chance to get on my computer in 4 days, and I find this after a long slow day at work.  You made my day, again!  I loved it!  Thank you so much! ^w^

NekoEspada Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome :hug:
SDei Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Такая прелесть :"3
я разнежилась
Dasha12324 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013   Digital Artist
Обожэ, нян *О*

это же шикарно *7*
PlacidoDicloni Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
No Cang X Giselle Gewelle :D
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